Glamping AKA Glamorous Camping on the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii

FYI: Glamp-ing = Glamorous Camping

The girls and I enjoying our outdoor living space


My two girlfriends and I took a trip to Hawaii over New Years Eve on a whim.  We took advantage of a cheap flight from Toronto to Honolulu when Air Canada first started flying direct.  After staying in Honolulu for a few days we wanted to have a more relaxing Hawaiian experience. We found this awesome place on Air BnB called ‘North Shore Glamping’ which was located on the North Shore near a cute town called Haleiwa.

The North Shore is known for its surfing and is far less busy than Honolulu so we decided to give it a go.  It is a full size stand up tent (equipped with full bed inside) that is on a raised deck covered by a canopy and has fresh running water in the outdoor kitchen, a spacious outdoor living space, outdoor shower, working offsite toilet/sink and is completely off-the-grid.  Ambient lighting is created by string lighting that is strung across the canopy.

It doesn’t get better then fresh picked Papaya


Our ‘Glampsite’ was located on a former plantation, surrounded by farmland.  We picked fresh fruit (with permission) and hung out outside all night in perfect temperatures listening to the sounds of the animals.

At $145 a night, it’s definitely not camping – it’s glamping.  I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a unique getaway that you will always remember.  Also recommended for people who want to have an experience living in nature, but aren’t quite up for roughing it in a tent.

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2 thoughts on “Glamping AKA Glamorous Camping on the North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii

  1. Glamping, for Glamorous Camping, is a wonderful new term to come-up with. Glamorous people, enjoying outdoor environs, and camping = Glamping!

    To crack open a papaya fruit and eat it’s juicy flesh is a wondrous thing do do and to taste!

    Hawaii is an exotic place with exotic flora and fruit.

    Sweet flavours and memories to savour!

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