10 Tasty, Easily Packable Food Ideas to Take Camping that Aren’t Terribly Unhealthy


A big reason lots of my friends don’t want to go camping is because they don’t want to eat horribly bland freeze-dried meals or tasteless porridge for the weekend.  Having done a lot of camping in the past few years, here are my recommendations for tasty food items & the best order to eat them so that they keep for your trip.  All of these are easily packable for your camping trip.

First Day Items

  1. Frozen Steak – By the time you spend your first day they will have dethawed but will still be cold
  2. Hard Boiled Eggs – Great source of protein for your first lunch!
  3. Chocolate – Wait, how’d this get on the list? Okay it’s not healthy and it probably won’t last long in hot weather but chocolate is a perfect treat after a tough hike

Second Day Items

  1. Apples – They might get bruised if you’re lugging them around for more than a few days but are a nice healthy snack to have for a few days
  2. Whole Wheat Wraps with Peanut Butter (pre-made) – the protein in the peanut butter will fill you up long enough to get some hiking in!
  3. Sweet Potatoes / Potatoes – perfect fire food and they are sturdy enough

Items for the rest of your trip

  1. Instant Oatmeal – Packs light, packaging doubles as kindling and they’ve got tons of flavours so you aren’t resigned to bland porridge for your camp trip. Campers rejoice!
  2. Dried Fruit – Packs light and satisfies your sweet tooth
  3. Quinoa – Full of protein, packs light, can be made over the fire and keeps you full
  4. Pasta – the perfect camping food, sturdy, keeps well in hot weather and can be made over the fire


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I'm a Toronto based, travel obsessed, health & wellness junkie! Thanks for stopping by <3

2 thoughts on “10 Tasty, Easily Packable Food Ideas to Take Camping that Aren’t Terribly Unhealthy

  1. I’d pack some Capri-Sun and some home-cooked re-heatables to eat while set-out camping.

    Casserole, and cutlets are good food items to pack if you’re planning on heating bread by the fireside.

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    1. Great suggestions! Re-heatables are great for the first few days of a camping trip so you get to have some of the comforts of home until you really have to rough it!


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