How to get ‘Screeched In’ in Newfoundland, Canada


A Screech In is a comedic ceremony that visitors to Newfoundland can complete to become honorary Newfoundlanders.


You will need

  1. A born and bred Newfoundlander
  2. A real Cod fish
  3. A bottle of Screech (Newfoundland Rum)
  4. A Sou’Wester (a waterproof hat with a broad flap covering the neck)


How it’s done

  • The host of the ceremony (the born & bred Newfoundlander) will have you stand in front of the witnesses and put on the Sou’Wester.
  • The host talks about the history of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Screech In ceremony.
  • The host will hold the real Cod fish up to your lips and have you kiss the fish on the lips. The witnesses get to decide if the kiss was good enough.
  • Then, the host will give you a shot of Newfoundland Screech which you have to drink after saying “Long may your big jib draw!”
  • Once you’re done your shot you are awarded with a “Screech In” Certificate are now welcomed into the Royal Order of Screechers.




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