2016 Trending Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples or Groups


Let’s face it, Halloween costumes are way more amusing when they are current.  I, for one, have felt the pangs of missed opportunities at plenty of Halloween parties over the years when I saw pop-culture costumes that I wished I had thought of (Chilean Miners, Kat Gosselin, Octomom, Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball…you get me?).  Here is a list to give you some ideas for Halloween costumes that are currently trending and most of them you could probably piece together from your closet:

1. Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Ken Bone

Donald Trump

I’m well aware that everyone and their Mom is going to be either Donald or Hillary for Halloween but you lit’rally can’t go a day without hearing about this election.  This is a perfect trio for a group of three because you can supplement 2016 Halloween’s golden couple with the ever-charming Ken Bone.

For Donald, sport an overly orange face with white around the eyes like you went to the tanning bed for too long, an oversized suit with a thick red tie and be sure to keep your face looking like you just ate something really sour all night.


Stuff a bright red sweater with some pillows, toss on some spectacles and a moustache, add a mic and VOILA! You’ve got the star of the debate – Sir Kenneth Bone.  In case you have never heard of Ken Bone, he asked a question at the second debate and America fell in love with him and then subsequently tore him down as happens to any person who becomes a meme.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary is a very easy costume.  Red lipstick, a pantsuit, a pearl necklace, black sunglasses.  You kinda need the wig or blonde/grey hair to complete this look though.


Bonus Tip: If you want to be offside, be Donald and hold a stuffed animal cat all night for a tongue-in-cheek grab of the ol’ pus*sy.  I’d suggest only doing this if you are a woman because #reappropriation!

2. The kids from Stranger Things


Hellloooo #squadgoals!?

Halloween costumes were the first thing I thought of when I started watching Stranger Things.  Check out local vintage stores for Eleven’s pink dress or dig out bags of your old clothes from your parent’s garage to look for old 80’s clothes.

3. Harley Quinn & The Joker (Suicide Squad)

Enter a caption

There are a ton of makeup tutorials online right now about how to look like Harley Quinn and TBH it doesn’t take much skill because you could probably just wake up reaalllly hungover and achieve the same look for free. Every Halloween store is selling Suicide squad costumes right now.  It’s also a bonus that you aren’t doing a sexy version of a classic – Harley Quinn’s outfits are already sexy so you’re just playin’ the part, thank you very much.

4. Lady Ghostbuster crew


Come ON – this is a badass idea for you and your lady friends.  With the new Ghostbusters released with an all-female cast this is very timely.  You can even make it look sexy with some beige onesies from American Apparel.

5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (with divorce papers)


Too soon? It’s never too soon when it comes to Halloween.  Know this.

Pin 5 dolls to your clothes to represent their kids and hold divorce papers in your hand and it’s complete.

6. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton


Okay, this one is close to my heart because I LOVE Blake and Gwen both separately.

This is perfect for guys who don’t like to dress up because Blake usually looks like he just left a local dive bar in 1996.  A ball cap, jeans and a plaid button up will do for him.

Gwen is a bit more complicated to pull off but there are so many Gwen eras to choose from. No Doubt Gwen (those poofy bangs?), 90’s Gwen (think face jewels), Hollaback Girl Gwen (Cropped white tank, baggy jeans + toque), Harajuku girl Gwen (Most effort needed for this one, cue intricate hair-do’s).  She’s consistently had that signature red lipstick through all of her phases so start with that & a bleach blond wig and most people will clue in.

7. Justin Trudeau and Sophie Gregoire


Be still my beating heart!  These two are Canada’s version of Prince Harry & Kate Middleton.  God, they are so good looking, and philanthropic, and kind and did I mention sexy? SIGH.  This one doesn’t take much effort to pull off either, the guy needs a suit, the girl needs a fancy dress with a fascinator (fancy big hat).  Carry a mini Canada flag and an empty bottle of maple syrup around with you.

8. A squad of creepy clowns


Given the fact that there has been an influx of creepy clowns terrorizing towns and luring kids into the forest, this probably will not be appreciated by a lot of people but it’s very timely.  I expect we’ll see A LOT of creepy clowns around town during Halloween weekend. BRB – mentally preparing myself.

9. Any combination of the Kardashian clan


You know what else is in the news as much as the debate? The Kardashians.  Any combo of the Kardashians will work for Halloween.  You have so many to choose from; Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair, Kylie and Tyga, Kim, Kanye and the kids, Rob & pregnant Chyna.  If you had a huge crew you could all be someone in the Kardashian clan and still have leftovers.

Bonus tip: The offside version would be Kim K being robbed. Not surprisingly, the internet is ALL over this suggestion and a company that released a costume called ‘The Parisian Heist’ removed it due to the backlash.


There you have it folks.  Happy Halloweening!

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