Everything You Want To Know About Microblading; A Q&A with Blade + Ink

I decided to clear the muddy waters for those of you who may be sitting on the fence about getting your eyebrows microbladed by getting the answers straight from the expert.

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Unique ‘Modern Nostalgic’ Jewelry: Biko

A review of my favourite Canadian designed jewelry by ‘Biko’. Modern Nostalgic design.

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Portaging in Algonquin Park: 5 Tips for first-timers

As a kid who went to Summer Camp for a month every summer and then became a Camp Counsellor for years, I’ve grown up with an emotional affinity toward loving nature.ย  Iโ€™d wanted to try a portage trip for a long time but never had anyone who wanted to go with me.ย  Last summer I […]

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